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“Read In A Week” is a 3-in-1 programme that combines the effective learning of phonics, reading and spelling. We have a proven system with more than 95% success rate. We have enrolled more than 10,000 students into our programme since our inception. We are part of a remarkable transition that has made this teaching method mainstream around the world.


Revolutionary method in learning phonics

  • Begins reading on the 3rd lesson.
  • Can read thousands of words independently
  • Boosts confidence & self esteem.
  • Motivates kids to read after learning the know-how.
  • Corrects reading/spelling difficulty.
  • Improved exam grades assured.
    Small groups (6 to 8)

This programme is effective and beneficial for all children especially for those with poor:

  • Word recognition
  • Reading/Spelling skill
  • Memory/Focusing
  • Pronunciation/Speech


We’ll get the child to “decode” letters into sounds and then do the blends. Children should begin to learn to read actual words by the 3rd lesson. After learning how to form 3 letter words they will be promoted o the next level where they will learn 4 letter words with 2 vowels in 4 lessons. 

The programme has a proven track record of more than 20 years in helping children aged between 4 to 12 years old to read and spell. This 3-in-1 programme combines the effective learning techniques of phonics, reading and spelling. Children will learn to break words into syllables and segments for advance reading and spelling skills. This helps children to master these skills in the shortest time possible. 

After learning to read, kids will be promoted to practice their skill in Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary n Grammar passages in order to get ready for school.



“Read In A Week” adopts a synthetic phonics method of teaching the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory, enabling children to become fluent readers. Our proprietary programme is speedy, effective, comprehensive, systematic and complete, making it extremely easy and engaging for children to learn, while fostering holistic development at the same time.

The programme has a proven track record of more than 20 years in helping children aged between 4 to 12 years old read and spell better than their peers within the shortest time possible. This 3-in-1 programme combines the effective learning techniques of phonics, reading and spelling.


What People are Saying

Overcoming Mild Dyslexia

"I have mild dyslexia and used to have difficulty in writing a,b,c, when I was younger. When I was supposed to be reading in Primary 1, I got so frustrated because I could not do it. Then came "Read In A Week" phonics and I received help. The programme help me sound out the word a letter at a time from left to right and I overcame my dyslexic condition. My English examination marks jumped from Band 3 to Band 1. "

Tan Hui Ying

Nanyang Primary School

Improve in Pronounciation

"My gal had been joining phonic class for pasts few months in CCK branch. She love to attend it every Saturday and like Teacher Christina. She was caring and gentle in teaching. My gal had improve in pronunciation, more focus and able to write her own. We had saw her improvement even childcare teachers 'feedback. We may consider to let her join other enrichment classes if time permit and let her younger brother join too!"

Ching Cl Hui Vaera

A Good Reader By 5

"Read In A Week" Phonics" taught me to read. I started at 4. Now I am 5 and I am able to read books beyond my age through the programme."

Beatrice Chao

A British Lawyer's Recommendation

"I'm entirely satisfied with the programme. Emily has a very good start, ahead of her peers, in reading from an early age."

Alison Woodward

Patient Teacher

"My son was still unable to read at age 7 and teacher managed to teach him to do so within 1 month. He is an avid reader now. Kudos to teacher who is patient and ever so encouraging towards my son. thank you !"

Tan Siok Lee

Tailored Teaching Style

"Liza tailors her teaching to the needs of students and manages their psychology positively so that each can learn at an optimised pace."

Joanne Yang

Speedy Phonics

"My daughter had been with another phonics programme for 6 months but she could not read words with 'pi', 'st', 'fr', etc... "Read In A Week" is very fast. She finished the programme in 8 months and could read words like "expect"...etc. She could read beyond her peers."

Marianne's Mother

Helps A Lot

"I had some major reading and spelling problem and "Read In A Week" phonics had helped me a lot"

Clement Ng

Pei Hua Primary School

Encourage Reading

"My kids love to read books after they attended the holiday programme. Totally recommend it!!"

Srivas Ramachandran



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